HSA Maui

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This might be the schedule…

2017 HSA Hana Surf Classic


7:00am Boys U10 Semi <6-man / 15 minute format>

7:30am Boys (14-15) Semi <4-man / 20 minute format>

8:10am Boys (16-17) Final <20 minute final>

8:30am Boys U10 Final <20 minute final>

8:50am Boys (14-15) Final <20 minute final>

9:10am Boys U12 Quarters <4-man / 20 minute format>

10:30am Boys (12-13) Quarters <4-man / 20 minute format>

11:50am U12 Semi <20 minute final>

12:30 Boys (12-13) Semi <4-man / 20 minute format>

1:10pm Open Women Round 1 (3) <20 minute final>

2:10pm Boys U12 Final <20 minute final>

2:30pm Boys (12-13) Final <20 minute final>

2:50pm Open Women Semi <4-man / 20 minute format>

3:30pm Open Longboard Final <20 minute final>

3:50pm Open Women Final <4-man / 20 minute format>

4:10pm Open Men Semi <6-man / 15 minute format>

4:40pm Girls U14 Semi <6-man / 15 minute format>

5:10pm Open Men Final <20 minute final>

5:30pm Girls U14 Final <20 minute final>

6:00ish Pau



These times are not written in stone. All heat times are estimated and subject to change without notice. This schedule does not account for 30 second holds in between heats or delays.