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Lahaina Harbor 2020

Saturday Schedule

Sunday Schedule

Come :30 minutes prior to your division, leave area after trophies, one parent only, extreme social distance, masks at at times (not ocean bound!)

If you know you normally have no common sense then please read the rules below or stay home.



· Rounds are 4 to 6 man heats. Meaning no more than 4 or 6 surfers are in the water for each round of competition.
· Surfers are in from the same geographical area. Surfers are local residence of Maui, with a quarantine in place no surfers are from neighboring islands or out of state residents.
· Surfing competitions are not a team sport. This is an individual sport.
· HSA staggers the divisions, we run 3 divisions in a group, finish each round and that division goes home. Divisions average 12 surfers, so 36 contestants over 3-5 hours and then they go home is NOT a 100-person event.
· Participants will wear face coverings when not engaged in the activity and when at all possible, and they will maintain 6 ft. distance always.
· For the purposes of contact tracing, Hawaii Surfing Association will keep a master list of all participants, which will include first and last names, addresses and phone numbers for a minimum of 30 days. For participants under the age of 18, HSA will collect parent/guardian information as well.
· 2 Open air 10×10 tents are used by staff with only 2-4 people inside. No other EZ up tents in event area allowed.
· Sharing of any personal items is not allowed. No shared snacks or drinks are allowed at any time. No food items or water will be present for event. Participates will be asked to bring their own water.
· There will be no socializing before or after the heat. Participants will arrive no sooner that 30 min prior to their heat and must leave immediately after the awards.
· Anyone experiencing any health issues like fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, or any other signs or symptoms related to COVID-19 must stay home.
· Minit Medical will have a medical assistant at the check in desk that will temperature check each volunteer and participate, the nurse will go through a series of COVID related health questions upon check in. If anyone does not pass the health screening they will be sent home.                                                                                                       · Portable toilets and hand wash will be provided at event to avoid congestion at public restroom.
· Volunteers will clean and disinfect all high touch area such as restrooms, railings, gates, pens, tables etc.
· The HSA Maui organization will make sure participants are complying of all rules and regulations. If an athlete does not comply it will result in immediate non-participation. Dedicated mask and distance enforcement team all day.
· Adequate time will be scheduled in between heats to allow for the exiting of all participants who have finished and the sanitizing of the facility before the next group’s participation.
· A schedule indicating when heats begin and end and the time allotted in between will be provided before the event.
· No Spectators. Only family allowed at contest. One household member allowed per contestant. No tents.
· To comply with the public health emergency rules, we will have no groups larger than 10. There can be no interaction at all between groups.
· Judges and volunteers will wear masks always and will maintain social distancing. Hand sanitizer will be present at judging stations as well as check in stations and throughout the event.
· Registration and scoring will all be done online to reduce risk
· Event will have live feed on line for parents and spectators to watch safely, monitor and better judge drop off and pick up times.