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Hoʻokipa Surfbash XXXI

Aloha Maui Surf ʻohana! We may be given the opportunity to have another surf contest during this global pandemic. We did a great job at Lahaina and we will again at Hoʻokipa. If you were not at the last contest, still the only post covid surf contest in the state, then you need to read the temporary new protocols and rules that keep everyone safe on land and allow us to contest. Not conforming to Maui County Covid rules will result in competitor removed from event, possibly from HSA, asked to leave and/or unfriended by Papa John. We do not anticipate problems.
There are many new procedures like no spectators (if possible) or 1 parent, a live feed at our FB site, etc. Please read all of them. Here are a few highlights:

Please enter only online.

All competitors must fill out the online form prior to checkin at: http://www.hsamaui.org/covid/

Everyone must wear approved masks and social distancing at all times on land.

No spectators, one family member only. No tents.

No groups over 10 anytime.

Drop-off / pick-up zone is moved to the coned area past the Uncles pavillion (Adjacent to handicapped stall)

No need check-in early, just get your shirt from the beach marshal 20 minutes before your heat and leave after elimination or final. Please email papa John if you are not going to make it.

Follow all regular park rules.

Follow all state, county and HSA Covid-19 rules.

Quarantine violations will not be tolerated.

Mahalo for your understanding and cooperation in complying with all the temporary measures to allow us to be permitted to do this for the Maui keiki.

Remember, this is again a test that will directly effect if we and other sports organizations will be permitted to compete and they are deciding on Kahului Harbor and Honolua Bay next.

Call the HOTLINE for the latest information. Wednesday evening is normally when we make the call for Saturday.

Mahalo to Hi-tech, Gerry Lopez, Vissla, Minit Medical, Mayor Victorino, Maui Surf ʻOhana and all our sleeping sponsors for making this happen!

We will have a safe and fun Surfbash XXXI

Papa John