HSA Maui

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HSA Honolua Legends of the Bay is pending the 2 permits necessary to do our final keiki contest for the 20/21 season. HSAM has already run out of time the last few years for our 2 day contest having to reduce heat times and expand heat numbers due to an obvious interest in our premiere contest venue.HSA is normally open to anyone, if HSAM continues as the “only game in town” we announce today that we officially give preference to Maui residents (yes, we know where you live). In other words, if there is no time to add rounds, we will move any paid non Maui resident to the alternate list and refund you if necessary.

Mahalo Maui Mayor Victorino for having the common sense to know our events are safer than Costco. Hopefully, when the other mayors deem it safe for their islands they will follow suit.

Keep in mind even after permit approval, we will cancel without notice if HSA or any governing agency deems it unsafe for COVID-19 or any reason.

No surprises! Maui no ka oi!!