HSA Maui

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Permit still pending and looking positive for Ala Moana Bowls, we are looking at May for HSA State Championships.

Please keep any interaction with our governments on the positive side.

Sports are a necessary healthy venue for our keiki to keep them active and engaged away from the many bad influences available for bored kids. Competition is essential and not an option. Amateur surf competitions are outdoor 4 man heats with staggered divisions not overlapping. They are non spectator events with live web feeds for parents and loved ones to view safely at home. We are not major professional corporate productions that draw large crowds. We actually reduce crowds at every venue. Our events are much safer than Costco.

HSA States is an invite only contest. You must qualify within your district (O’ahu, Maui (Moloka’i/Lana’i incld.), BI or Kaua’i)

HSA Maui will drop one of our two contests for the final ratings to qualify for States. In other words, your best finish between Lahaina and Ho’okipa with rank each athlete to be invited to States. We do not have an official number of invitees from each district yet, but we will let you know when we have the approved permit and solid dates. The invites from each district does vary each season and may be lower than 7 as it has been in the past.

Monitor social media for updates and check hsamaui.org for rumor control.