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2023 Honolua Surf Co.
Legends of the Bay

Monday 1/23/2023

6:30am START

Open Men Round 1 (12) [6man/15min]

Open Men Round 2 (4) [6man/15min]

Open Bodyboard Semi [6man/15min]

Open Men Round 3 (6) [4man/15min] PRIORITY

Open Bodyboard FINAL [6man/20min]

Open Men Round 4 (3) [4man/15min] PRIORITY

Open Women FINAL [4-6woman/20min]

Open Longboard Semi [6man/15min]

Boys 16-17 Semi [4man/15min] PRIORITY

Open Men Semi [4man/20min] PRIORITY

Girls 16-17 Semi [4man/15min] PRIORITY

Open Longboard FINAL [6man/20min]

Boys 16-17 FINAL [4man/20min] PRIORITY

Girls 16-17 FINAL [4man/20min] PRIORITY

Open Men FINAL [4man/20min] PRIORITY

6man format: Top 3 advance ~ 4man: Top 2

*All heat times are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Please standby, monitor changes and listen for announcements.