HSA Maui


HSA Maui

The Hawaii Surfing Association Maui Surf ‘Ohana produces six amateur surfing competitions on Maui every year. Our surfing events feature shortboarding and longboarding.

Maui Surf ‘Ohana is the non-profit organization that organizes all Hawaiian Surfing Association sanctioned events here on Maui. Without the volunteer hours from members and sponsor donations, HSA Maui would not function and there would be no amateur surf competitions for our Maui keiki.

HSA Maui members accumulate points from surf meets on Maui throughout the season to qualify for the State championships at Ala Moana Bowls on O’ahu. They compete in the three-day State Championships to qualify for the Surfing America National Championships in California.

Surfing is presently progressing at an exponential rate and competition is fierce. Maui has been producing more than its share of world class surfers lately and the healthy surfing lifestyle has proven to keep Hawaii’s youth off the streets away from the negative influences that are available daily. Being immersed in a very positive, eco minded, health oriented, safe, fun environment and combining that with good clean competition is our goal.

HSA Maui has been accomplishing our goals and we are setting more. HSA Maui is leading the state in evolving towards the more modern four-man format used commonly at higher level competitions. Initiated in the 2014-2015 season, all the “core competition divisions” are four man / 20 minute formats. There will be no more “surfing up” in the upper division, except for OPEN and “U” divisions if there is room. This reduces the amount of revenue generated from entry fees, yet we can make up for that due to generous donations from our sponsors earmarked to make improvements to our Maui program to keep on top of the progression of modern surf  competition. The 2017-2018 HSA Maui season began with our Lahaina Breakwall event this past May. All the new improved formats, extended heat times, the reinforced judging panel, the paid tabulator positions, the added new contest venues, 2 day events, etc. will again be in place as it was implemented from the beginning of last season. In addition, we are again ahead of the curve by implementing for the first time in any amateur surf competition in Hawaii the same priority system used by the WSL (World Surfing League). This entails a whole separate priority judging staff complete with a priority head judge. This leaves little or no room for error or worse complaints, giving the guaranteed highest quality judging staff in the state.

In addition to the modern improvements listed above, this year in the 2017-2018 season we are implementing live electronic scoring. This is a huge task that includes new hardware and software but brings a new degree of judging credibility and takes HSA Maui to the same level as the pros!

We are way ahead of the game in comparison to the other islands and they are starting to follow. Maui Surf ‘Ohana is setting the new standard, a standard equal to the ISA and WSL. We have been able to become the best competitive surf organization in the state, the entire country and maybe the world. All the improvements are positive and overwhelmingly welcomed by parents, coaches and most importantly the keiki! We look forward to the best season of competitive amateur surfing Maui has ever seen!

If you have questions, or would like more information please contact:

Maui Surf Ohana P.O. Box 11032, Lahaina, Hawaii  96761 | Phone: 808 276-0667 | Email: john@mauisurfohana.org

HSA History

Formed in the early 60’s as the “Hawaii Surfing Association” the original ‘grouping’ of amateur and professional surfers from throughout our island state was organized under this HSA banner for competition and recognition by the other worldwide associations. The structure of the HSA was to promote the sport and competitions at different locales. The creation of community and regional surfing teams in that era helped to elevate the HSA’s recognized stature on an international level that found only Australia as a true rival in organized surfing. Today surfing as a sport, in the eyes of the HSA, represents a commitment on the part of its directors and officials to help members focus on their athletic skills, physical training and short and long term surfing goals toward a professional career. Of equal importance is the commitment on behalf of the HSA’s leadership to help its members maintain good guidance, educational direction, and responsibility to their families and others within their community.