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Lahaina Harbor 2020

Saturday Schedule Sunday Schedule Come :30 minutes prior to your division, leave area after trophies, one parent only, extreme social distance, masks at at times (not ocean bound!) If you know you normally have no common sense then please read the rules below or stay home. HSA MAUI COVID-19 MANDATORY[…]

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All events on hold due to COVID-19. Major changes to 2020-21 season schedule under way. Please be safe and we will start back up when it is deemed safe.HOTLINE for the latest: (808) 385-2221

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We are working on a permit for the first possible weekend 8/1-2. In order to be able to be the first sports event in the state post COVID we have the following New (Temporary) Protocols in place that will be strongly enforced. · Rounds are 4 to 6 man heats.[…]

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HURLEY at the Harbor

We have a tentative permit pending for the HSA Maui season opener! Sat-Sun July 25-26, 2020, Lahaina Harbor Library Park. Call the HOTLINE 808-385-2221 for the latest

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